Double Fortune PG Soft Slot Review and Free Demo

Wang Anshi, famous politician and poet from the Song Dynasty Create special moments in life with celebrations like no other. On the day he became a leading scholar in the Imperial Selection Examination, which happened to be his wedding day. He wrote two 'happiness' letters on the door of his house. which is a symbol of great happiness This action creates a symbol. "Double Happiness" has since been used as a symbol of celebration and good fortune. Especially at weddings

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Inspired by the tradition of doubling happiness, the Double Fortune slot game captures the essence of double blessings with innovative double symbols and a free spins feature spread across 5 x 3 double reels. Each double symbol in Winning paylines are counted twice. It helps to increase your chances of winning and collect the soul of Double Blessing. Discover more about this mesmerizing slot and try it for free on our website to experience double the joy.

ProviderPG Soft
Release date2019-03-25
Min. Bet$0.3
Max. Bet$60
Max Winx100,000
FeaturesDouble reel mechanics, wilds, double wilds, scatter symbols, free spins.
Compatible withiOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, HTML5

Theme and Aesthetics

The slot immerses players in the festive spirit of a traditional Chinese wedding decorated in vibrant shades of red and gold, colors that symbolize prosperity and good fortune in Asian culture, which can also be found in Fortune Mouse slot. The setting features a classic Asian temple adorned with elaborate designs, where a couple in opulent, gold-encrusted traditional attire stands ready to exchange vows, adding to the game’s visual feast. The graphics are crisp and vibrant, crafted to enrich the theme while maintaining a playful tone. Complementing the rich visuals, a subtle Oriental melody enhances the ambiance without overwhelming it, mingling with the soft buzz of guest chatter to create a genuinely inviting and celebratory atmosphere.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Double Fortune operates on a typical 5x3 reel structure with 30 immutable winlines. The excitement increases during the free spins. Due to the introduction of additional reel sets This allows the game to be played simultaneously on dual grids. Betting options are diverse. With stakes ranging from as low as $0.3 to as high as $60 per spin. To cater to a wide range of audiences, from high stakes gamblers to those who prefer minimal risk. The intuitive interface combined with adjustable settings makes it easy for players to customize their gaming experience to suit their needs. for faster movement The turbo button next to the gyroscope controls speeds up gameplay. For a more hands-off approach The autoplay function allows you to automatically complete 10 to 100 spins at the same bet value. It requires a pre-determined loss limit and an optional win ceiling.

Symbols and Paytable

The game has eight standard symbols. which is divided into high and low values. Along with two other types of wild symbols, each Wild acts as a substitute to help form winning combinations, but only regular Wilds can form combos independently. The table below details the possible payouts for combinations of three to ten symbols in a row.

Symbolx bet for 3x bet for 4x bet for 5x bet for 6x bet for 7x bet for 8x bet for 9x bet for 10
J, Q0.160.260.511.663.33510
K, A0.160.3311.662.6651016.66

The presence of double wilds greatly increases the potential for huge payouts by doubling the symbols on the reels. This makes up to ten possible combinations on all five reels. Payouts are calculated based on the coin value multiplied by the bet level.

The scatter symbol in the game is represented by intertwined letters which means "Double Happiness", a symbol commonly displayed at oriental weddings, serves as the setting for this game.

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Special Features

The game's unique double reel mechanic connects two adjacent reels. It shows identical symbols that can be expanded. Increase your chances of winning many prizes. This feature is reinforced by the presence of the Double Wild symbol, which not only substitutes for any other symbol but also doubles as a symbol. to create winning combinations But it also counts double when such combinations are involved. This allows up to ten races to be competed efficiently.

The Free Spins feature is a key feature in Double Fortune. Triggered by the simultaneous scatter symbol on reels two, three and four, players are initially awarded eight free spins. These spins are played on two separate 5x3 reel sets, doubling your chances of winning. Each additional scatter that lands during this round earns an extra spin. And if a winning combination occurs on both sets of reels during a single spin, an impressive 8x multiplier is applied to those wins.

RTP, Volatility and Max Win

Like Fortune Gods , this slot has a high level of volatility, making it a game of big swings and potentially high payouts. The return-to-player ratio (RTP) is 96.22%, which is slightly higher than many other slots and means a fair return over time. The hit ratio of 25.66% ensures that wins are distributed with reasonable frequency during play. However, what really sets this slot apart is its maximum winning potential. The officially registered Double Fortune offers the chance to win up to 100,000 times your initial bet, which is an unusual and very attractive figure for online slots.

Try playing Double Fortune Slot Demo

Exploring slots through the demo version is a smart move before diving into playing for real money. The demo mode provides an excellent opportunity for players to get involved with the game extensively by spinning as many reels as they want. without any financial obligation This approach not only helps players understand the mechanics and features of the game in detail. But it also provides the same complete and risk-free experience as they would in the paid version. You can play Double Fortune Demo on our website. And no registration is required to start playing!

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Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The basic dynamic gameplay avoids monotony.
  • High RTP with prizes up to 100,000x
  • Innovative double reel with multiplier
  • Optimized for smooth mobile playback.
  • There is a demo version available for risk-free testing.


  • Familiar Chinese themes can seem unique.
  • High volatility which may not be consistent with every player's risk tolerance


Double Fortune PG Soft turns out to be an attractive and impressive slot. This is complemented by a unique double reel mechanic that elevates its appeal among the multitude of online slots. The game's unique ability to create ten combinations through pairs of symbols adds an exciting dimension to the gameplay. This makes it especially attractive to fans of Double Stacks slots and similar titles. However, potential players should be wary of the game's high volatility. This may limit how often you'll encounter dynamic bonus features. Overall, Double Fortune offers the perfect combination of simple yet deeply entertaining gameplay. With theoretical opportunities to win many prizes.


What is the Return to Player (RTP) percentage for Double Fortune?

Double Fortune has an RTP of approximately 96.22%, which indicates the fairness of the game and the potential payback over time.

Is Double Fortune compatible with mobile devices?

Of course, such slots are designed to work smoothly on mobile devices. The highest quality gaming experience is guaranteed on all platforms.

Does Double Fortune have a free spins feature?

Of course, players can activate the free spins feature by placing their desired scatter symbol on the reels during gameplay.

What is the maximum payout possible in Double Fortune?

The maximum payout can be up to 1,000 times your initial bet. which provides a significant chance of winning.