Fortune Rabbit 2023 PG Soft Slot Review

Fortune Rabbit is an Asian-themed slot game from PG Soft that comes with prize symbol features and randomly generated free spins rounds. A blend of classic Asian themes with modern scenery. Makes this game fun and interesting.

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Fortune Rabbit PG Soft

Game name Fortune Rabbit by PG Soft
๐ŸŽฐ Provider PG Soft
๐ŸŽฒ RTP (Return To Player) 96.75%
๐Ÿ“‰ Minimum bet 0.25 baht
๐Ÿ“ˆ MAX BET 500 baht
๐Ÿค‘ Highest Rewards 5000 times the stake
๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Free Spins Round have
๐Ÿ“… release date 2023
๐Ÿš€ Themes Asia
โšก Volatility moderate
๐Ÿ”ฅ Popularity 4/5
๐ŸŽจ Visual Effects 5/5
๐Ÿ‘ฅ Customer Support 5/5
๐Ÿ”’Security 5/5
๐Ÿ‘พ Special Symbols Prize Symbol, Wild Symbol
๐ŸŽฎ Demo mode sim

Game tone and illustrations

Fortune Rabbit is a mix of classic Asian themes. which has been modified to be a big city Along with the display of a rabbit skateboarding on the start screen. But when we start playing We will see the rabbit standing still. on a 3-4-3 grid, and the rabbit reacts to events in the game.

How to play Fortune Rabbit PG Soft

The game has a 3-4-3 grid focused on prize symbols. Players can win prizes of up to 5000x their stake. Additionally, the appearance of 5 or more prize symbols activates the Fortune Spins feature.

Payout in Fortune Rabbit

Fortune Rabbit symbols and payouts

When you play fortune rabbit you must collect 5 or more prize symbols that appear on the reels.

Each symbol is worth between 0.5x and 500x the total stake. Within 8 lucky rounds, only prize symbols will appear. And you can win up to 5000 times your bet.


line of payment

Slot game Fortune Rabbit has 10 paylines. And you will get only the highest reward per pay line. These payouts are considered constant. And you win when winning symbols appear from the leftmost wheel.

Features of Fortune Rabbit

The game features Wild and Scatter symbols that increase your chances of winning. And the bonus feature that comes with the free spins round.

  • Win payouts for regular play and up to 200 times your stake from just 3 Wild symbols.
  • The prize symbol is the highlight of this game. Which when receiving 5 or more characters will receive all prize money
  • Prize symbols have values from 0.5x up to 500x the stake.

RTP and volatility of Fortune Rabbit

Fortune Rabbit has an RTP of 96.75% which ensures long-term payback. Even if the volatility is mid level like dragon hatch (games from the same manufacturer), know that there is a chance to win up to 5000 times your stake.

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fortune rabbit wins

Platform that plays Fortune Rabbit

Fortune Rabbit can be played on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Playing Fortune Rabbit in Demo mode

In addition to playing for real money Players can also try Fortune Rabbit slots in demo mode to learn the rules and features. Yes! You can play fortune rabbit in pgslot demo mode at the best online casino sites.

Bonus Fortune Rabbit

When 5 or more of the winning symbols appear players will be awarded a round of Fortune Spins with only prize symbols.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fortune Rabbit


  • cute design
  • There are various bonus features.
  • many features
  • playable on mobile


  • Cashback rates may not be that high for some players.
  • A good internet connection is required.
  • Relatively small bonuses

How to apply to play Fortune Rabbit

  1. Visit the online casino of your choice.
  2. Click on "Sign Up" and fill out the information.
  3. Confirm your application via email or phone.
  4. Start playing Fortune Rabbit

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Fortune Rabbit Rules

How to play Fortune Rabbit for real money

After applying for membership and depositing money into the account Players can choose Fortune Rabbit and start betting with real money right away.

In general, the deposit-withdrawal for Fortune Rabbit games will be in accordance with the policy of the casino you choose to play. You can make a deposit via online banking or any other method offered by the casino.

flowchart TB A[Fortune Rabbit] B[Wild symbols get up to 200x] C[Reward Symbol 0.5 - 500x] D[Prize symbol spin round] A --> B A --> C C --> D

How to deposit and withdraw money from Fortune Rabbit

  • Login to your account
  • Select "Deposit" or "Withdraw"
  • Follow the steps and confirm the transaction.

Strategies, tips and tricks for playing Fortune Rabbit

Playing online slots like Fortune Rabbit is not just about relying on fortune only. But there are also strategies and techniques that players can follow to increase their chances of winning:

  • Understanding the Pay Table: Before You Start Betting Should understand the paytable of the game. It's important to know which symbols are important and how much to win.
  • Bet wisely: Never bet more than you can afford. It is good advice to set a betting budget and stick to it.
  • Try Fortune Rabbit Slot First: Using the demo version of the game is a good way to understand the mechanics of the game. And it's a good way to practice strategies.
  • Watch out for the Wild and Scatter symbols: these symbols are often the key to big bonuses in slot games. Knowing when they appear on the reels can help you get ready for some big wins.
  • Use casino promotions: Many online casinos offer promotions or bonuses to their players. Browsing and taking advantage of these promotions can increase the value of your funds and your chances of winning.
  • Have Patience: Slots are games of chance. Sometimes you might win big but other times you might lose big. It's good advice to play with patience and take the time to have fun.

With these techniques, playing Fortune Rabbit might be a more efficient experience, but know that playing slots is all about fun and fortune in the end.

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Fortune Rabbit Paytable

Information about PG Soft Casino Game Provider

PG Soft is one of the world's leading casino game makers. Which focuses on creating quality games And responding to the needs of players around the world, PG Soft is a creator of high-quality games. well known in the online casino industry With a beautiful design and many features.

Other games from PG Soft

  • Golden Whale: Sea slot game with special symbol feature
  • Dragon Hatch: Adventure in the dragon world with loads of symbols and bonuses.

Top 5 casinos for playing Fortune Rabbit

  1. Magic Casino - Welcome bonus 200% up to 10,000 baht
  2. Lucky Rabbit - 50 free spins for new players
  3. Golden Coin - Welcome bonus 150% up to 8,000 baht
  4. Dragon's Den - Cashback 10% for bets up to 5,000 baht
  5. Fortune Palace - 100% welcome bonus and 20 free spins

Player Reviews


Fortune Rabbit might be the game that excites me quite a bit. when actually playing I found the game's graphics and sound very interesting. But my luck in playing may depend on the specific day and time I play.


When it comes to Fortune Rabbit, it might not be my favorite game. But it's definitely a game worth trying. Features and bonuses can bring you more rewards. But should be careful about betting.


Fortune Rabbit might be the game I was looking for. The gameplay and graphics of the game gave me a good experience when playing. But should be careful with the use of money to play.

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Fortune Rabbit by PG Soft may be a slot game that many people want to try. In-game features and bonuses may make this game even more interesting. But there are still suggestions to play with caution. And may lead to a good and safe playing experience. Fortune Rabbit from PG Soft is a game full of fun and interesting features. For both old and new players Whether you are a fan of classic slot games or games with exclusive features, Fortune Rabbit is sure to provide a lot of fun.


What are the most popular slot games nowadays?

One of the most popular slot games nowadays is fortune rabbit that comes from PG Slot.

Where can I try fortune rabbit slots?

You can try fortune rabbit slot at PG Slot website or partner platform.

Are there any special symbols in fortune rabbit slot game?

In fortune rabbit slot game there are many special symbols such as Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols that can increase your chances of winning.

What is the chance of super mega win in this game?

The super mega win in fortune rabbit depends on the bet and combination of symbols that appear on the reels. But the opportunity still exists.

If I want fortune rabbit, try playing slots. What should I do?

For fortune rabbit, try playing slots. You can visit the main website of PG Slot or any other slot provider that offers this game.

For beginners, which slot should I choose to play in the fortune rabbit game?

For those who haven't Try playing slots with fortune rabbit before. It is recommended to start with a free slot trial. To understand the game and various symbols before deciding to place real bets.

Are there any guidelines or techniques that make it easier to win pg slot like fortune rabbit?

In fact, slots are games based on luck. But knowing about the different symbols and features of the game can help you increase your chances of winning the game.

If I want to play super mega win in fortune rabbit, what should I do?

For super mega win tryout you should bet max and use special symbols to increase your chances of winning.

Why is fortune rabbit so popular among players?

And fortune rabbit game is popular because of beautiful graphic design, fast gameplay. And a variety of bonuses that are available to play.

Fortune Rabbit
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